Typically, non-degree-seeking applicants do not intend to work toward an advanced degree. If you’re interested in applying for graduate non-degree-seeking status, you must identify the courses in which you wish to enroll prior to completing the online application. The instructors must grant permission to enroll in each course. 

Application Deadlines

Fall semester: July 15

Spring semester: December 15

To apply for non-degree-seeking status, please submit:

  • a completed online application, along with a nonrefundable application fee.
  • a personal statement, 1 to 2 pages total, double-spaced. The statement should cover:
    • the courses you hope to enroll in and your reasoning behind selecting those particular courses,
    • your relevant experience and background,
    • your preparedness for completing graduate-level course work, and
    • anything else you think is important for us to know. If you believe your academic record doesn’t reflect your potential to perform well as a non-degree-seeking graduate student, please provide an explanation.
  • copies of transcript(s) from undergraduate and graduate institution(s) you've attended. You may attach a scanned version of your official transcripts to the online application. 

The Office of Graduate Studies requires all applicants, international or domestic, whose native language is not English to demonstrate English proficiency. Please see Graduate Studies’ English Proficiency Requirements for additional information.